Tuesday, 11 June 2013

King's Pond - Alton

Today I completed my first shoot for my luminosity project. It was completed at King's Pond in Alton. The weather conditions did make shooting slightly unpleasant however it was well worth going to see the new ducklings and cygnets!

I like the pattern of shadow and light that you can see as you look down the path. Also the leading line created by the path in the bottom right corner. (1/60  F/5.6) 

I like the simple composition of the image and how only one of the flowers is in focus. (1/60 F/6.3)

This image I feel is a bit too dark in the background and there is a slight focusing issue however I like the layout of the swan surrounded by the cygnets and the fact that you can see them mirrored in the pond reflection. (1/80 F/5.6)

This is my favourite image from the shoot as I really like the composition of the three swans and the lines created by them and the parallel path. I cropped this image into a long short image to focus on more on the swans. (1/60 F/5.6)

 I chose to include this photo because I like the reflection created by the overhanging branch. I also like the effect of the sunlight shining through the leaves. (1/40 F/5)

 Again the the placement of the swans within this image. However a duck walked into the background behind the second swans head which stops the empty background. (1/60 F/5.6)

 This image is cropped in close to focus on the swans head and neck. The colours within this image are not as warm as in the others but I prefer this as it makes the orange of the beak stand out more. (1/60 F/6.3)

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